Items for Rent

Ena's Party Rental

Call or text US for Reservations at (770)315-2368

To reserve one of our inflatable units, a $25.00 non-refundable Reservation Payment in advance, cash or card, needs to be paid, which goes towards your total balance.  For tents, a $75.00 non-refundable Reservation payment is required.

Para reservar una de nuestras unidades inflables, un depósito no reembolsable de $25.00 es requerido.  Para reservar carpas, el depósito requerido es de $75.00, también no es reembolsable. En cualquiera de las circunstancias, el depósito es parte del monto final y el cliente pagará el balance cuando la mercancía de renta sea entregada el día del evento.

Chairs / Sillas

Metal Folding Chairs /Beige, Copper, Brown Bag Color


Tables / Mesas

Folding Tables / Off White



Jumbo size coolers/ fits 250 12oz cans


Propane Heater

Does not include Gas


"48 Round Table

Off White/ Seats 5 to 6


"60 Round Table

Off White/ Seats 7 to 8


20x30 Tent

Off White/ Tension tent/ Grassy areas only


20x20 Tent

Off White/ Tension tent/ Grassy areas only


Rainbow/ Pastel/ Pink and Bailey Bouncy House

Includes delivery and set up


Princess and Sports Bouncy House

Includes delivery and set up


30 feet tent siding

Tent siding/ curtain/ wall


20 feet tent siding

Tent siding/ curtain/ wall


Balloons Bouncy House 14 ft X 14 ft

Includes delivery and set up


The following Bouncy Houses are 13ft X 13ft with an average height of 14ft.  All of them have a Mini Basketball Hoop Inside!!!  $25.00 will reserve your bouncy house.

      Rainbow Castle $120.00                        Pastel Castle $120.00                               Pink Castle $120.00


Bouncy House Information (FYI)


Do we pick up Bouncy House?  No... Enas Party Rental will deliver and set up bouncy for you.  Make sure you have an open space of 16ft x20ft to set up jumper.  Keep in mind that this bouncy houses go up to 14 feet high, so make sure that there are no trees that may interfere with bouncy.


Does Ena's Party Rental supply extension cords?  Yes we do.  We supply up to 100 feet of electrical extension cord.  Please locate the closest electrical outlet in your property and make sure that the circuit does not get overload so it does not break.


When will you deliver and when will you pick up bouncy?  We deliver the day of your event as early as possible (8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m) and we will pick up bouncy the following day from 8:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.


Do I need to be at home when you deliver my bouncy house?  Yes... someone needs to be there to instruct us where do you want us to set up bouncy and to provide you with basic operational use and safety information.


What about when you pick it up? Do I need to be home?  No... just make sure that we have access to pick up bouncy house.  Leave everything outside and leave gates, if any, unlocked.


How long do we get to keep Bouncy House?  You get to keep your bouncy house overnight, but we are only responsible for service calls until 5:00 p.m. the day of your event.  If anything is wrong or goes wrong with bouncy house, you need to contact us as soon as posible before 5:00 pm.


Am I responsible if Bouncy house gets damage?  Well... It all depends.  Our inflatables are very durable and will hold up well under normal use. The customer however, is responsible for any damage to the Inflatable caused by but not limited to; overloading or allowing individuals in excess of weight limits on or in the inflatable, silly string, face paint, gum, food or drink, dirt, shoes, or punctures caused by sharp objects such as jewelry, buttons with pins, etc… Damage charges will be based upon the cost to repair plus any lost business. In addition if any inflatable, not designated for wet use, it found wet at pick up time (for other than weather related causes) the customer will be charged for set up, drying and re-rolling expenses at a rate of $20.00 per hour.


What is your bad weather policy?  Your may cancel at any time due to weather conditions, however, your deposit is nonrefundable.  Your may reschedule your event within 30 days of original order and we will give you credit for the amount of your deposit.



Safety First


1. Adult supervision at all times is required while bouncy house is being use.


2. Please NO: shoes, jewelry, glasses, puncture objects, foam spray, confetti, food or drinks inside Boucy House and definitely: NO pets in Bouncy House.


3.Consider age groups when playing.  A 13x13 bouncy house has an average of 600 lbs weigh capacity: No adults in bouncy house.


4. Do not consider a driveway or an area close to a swimming pool to set up a jumper.  For safety, we only set up jumpers on grassy and level areas.  Some inclination is ok as long as surface is not too steep.


5. Do not use bouncy house if it is raining or lightning.  Do not use Bouncy if the interior surface is wet.  Wet surface is very slippery and children can get hurt.


6. Do not use bouncy house if wind speeds exceed 20 MPH.  If the winds are substain, turn off blower.


7. Do not install any type of lighting inside bouncy house or set up any heating devices inside or close to jumper.






     Sports  $125.00                                          Bailey $120.00                                         Princess $125.00

                                   Balloons Bouncy House 14ft x 14ft $135.00

                All Our Bouncy Houses have a Mini Basketball Hoop Inside!!!!