Ena's Party Rental



August 1, 2018 trough October 31, 2018

One bouncy house 13x13

One six footer table &

6 metal folding chairs

Only $110.00 + tax

(Includes delivery to most Gwinnett areas)

(Pink, Pastel, Bailly and Rainbow castle only)

(Sports and Princess Castle add $5.00)



Especial de Hoy

Agosto 1, 2018 a Octubre 31, 2018

Una casita inflable 13x13

Una mesa de 6 pies de largas

6 sillas metálicas

Solamente $110.00 + Impuestos

(La mayoria de las zonas del condado de Gwinnett)

Especial aplica a solo los castillos abajo mostrados.


Need Balloons for your party but they won’t fit in your vehicle!!!! We’ll bring those balloons right to your door: $8.99 a doz. for plain balloons and $9.99 a doz. for happy birthday balloons. (Birthday balloons are multi color. Better yet, we can inflate your balloons for $7.50 a doz. (11 or 12 inch latex).